7 Important Questions You Need to Ask When Getting a Roof Estimate

Roof repairs can cost a lot of money. To make sure that you get the best estimates, you need to know what to look for. Different companies may have different methods of doing their estimates, but they shouldn’t differ too much. Ask the following questions to make sure you accept the estimate from the best company.

1. What are the safety precautions for your workers?

Couple with contractor

A company that has experience will gladly explain their safety procedures and equipment. Any good company would want their workers to be safe. Standard safety equipment and precautions are a must and a good roofing company will be able to tell you what they use in detail.

2. Do you have insurance and a permit?

You should never hire a contractor without insurance. Accidents happen and if something were to go wrong, they can hold you accountable for it. Make sure that the roofing company has insurance and that they are upfront about their policies and procedures.

3. Can you send me references?

Asking for references is a good way to learn about the history and service of a company. A company that is above board, will not hesitate to give you references. Phone one or two of them and find out what their experience with the company was. If they say anything that bothers you, ask the contractor to clarify.

4. Will you take care of the required permits?

The roofing company may already be equipped with insurance and licenses, but before any roofing services can take place, specific permits must be approved. If the company can get the necessary documents for you, it is a good sign that they are legitimate. Always ask if you are unsure about something.

5. What’s your payment term?

The payment term needs to be clear before you sign a contract. It should be stated on the roofing estimate. Normally, a deposit is required, but it should not be more than 10% of the total cost of repairs or installation.

6. What is the timetable for the project?

Once they have given you the estimate, it should include an indication of the time the job will take. There should be a definite breakdown of which tasks should be completed and by when. It happens that things fall behind when unforeseen problems arise or deliveries are late. Find out if you will be paying for those delays or not.

7. What are the inclusive warranties?

Roof repairs and installations come with warranties. Whatever the job was, the new roof or repaired part of the roof should have a warranty. This means that if something was neglected or done poorly, you can claim the repair of those damages from the company. If the roof is still under warranty, the company needs to fix the damage free of charge. A company that is legitimate and good at what they do, will not hesitate to give a warranty as they are confident in their work.

The answers to these questions will help you determine which company is the best and will give you the best value and service.