Which Information Can You Expect to See in an Estimate?

An estimate for roof repair, replacement or installation, should include specific pieces of information. If it includes all the necessary information, it is more likely that the company can be trusted. Thoroughness and transparency are always signs of trustworthiness. Be sure to get estimates from at least 3 companies. When you receive your estimates, compare them in terms of the information that it should include.

1. Payment information

It goes without saying that the payment information should be on the estimate. It should include the final balance, the deposit amount, and date when it is due. It should also indicate the cost of materials, the labor costs, whether installments will be made, and when these will be due. Different payment options and banking details should also be indicated.

2. Projected Date of Completion

A timetable should be set for the completion of the project. Don’t accept a broad date, but insist on a specific day and date. The project will very likely run late by a day or so, but with a set date, you can plan ahead. It is important that the contractor provides you with a breakdown of the project. This will enable you to monitor the tasks that are being done and the timeframe. The estimate should include the estimated completion of tasks by date.

3. Project Warranty

Details regarding the warranty on the repairs or replacement should be indicated on the estimate. The time period of the warranty and what it includes should be set out clearly. Always read the warranty details and fine print very carefully. If anything sounds strange or if you don’t agree, query the contractor. No good can come from signing a contract that you do not understand or do not agree with. Check to see if the materials and the installation or repairs are covered. If future damage is due to negligence or poor workmanship, the roofing company should be held accountable.

4. Cost of Equipment

A good estimate will clearly indicate the cost of equipment. It is possible that all this information might not fit on an estimate, but ask the contractor if it isn’t clear. Equipment like forklifts and scaffolding will cost a lot of money. Knowing what equipment will be used, can also prepare you for what to expect. It is not every day that a big, yellow machine comes down your driveway. You need to be able to prepare for such equipment. You also need to know that you are not paying for things that will not be used to complete your roofing job.

5. The Materials

The roofing materials that will be used is determined by you based on advice from the contractor. The cost of materials should be indicated with descriptions. For example, it should indicate the tiles, insulation materials, wood supports, etc.

The information on the estimate is very important and will help with your decision-making. A clear and detailed estimate is a good sign and can usually be trusted. If anything is unclear, ask questions. This is not a process you want to enter lightly and without all the information.