5 Important Tips for Roof Maintenance That You Can Do Yourself

Roof repairs can be dangerous and should be left to the professionals. However, there are some things that you can do to prolong the life of your roof and maintain it so repairs are not necessary. If you maintain your roof, roof repairs will be minimal or much less costly. We have compiled the following maintenance tips.

1. Prioritize your safety


When you notice a leak or other problem with the roof, try and assess it visually. Be very careful about climbing on the roof or in the roof to fix it. You might not realize the extent of the damage and injure yourself in the process. Some things need to be left to the professionals. Small water leaks might be fixed quickly, but larger problems should be left for a roofing expert.

2. Spray the leak out

If you are noticing water damage and want to find the leak, try the spray method. This should be done carefully and in small sections. Spray water with a hose from the outside of the house in the area of the leak. Someone on the inside will be able to tell you when the water is going through. This will help you determine where the leak is and the best way to fix it. If it is a big problem area, call the professionals.

3. Clean gutters regularly

The gutters are things we tend to forget about. However, they are very important for roof maintenance. Cleaning your gutters regularly helps to prevent water from gathering and causing damage or leaks. Make sure that the gutters are clear and that water can flow freely from the roof through the system. Also, check to make sure that gutters are securely fastened to the edge of the roof.

4. Check the valleys

Valleys are where the roof materials meet. This is where sealant is used to keep wind and rain out of the house. The valleys are prone to be the origin of leaks or other types of roof damage. Check them regularly. Always be careful when climbing in the roof. If you don’t know where you can step, you might cause a lot more damage by falling through the roof or twisting an ankle.

5. Materials Inspection

Visually assess your roof from the outside. Walk around the house and check for any broken shingles or tiles. Try to see whether any materials seem worn or out of place. Check to see if any materials have come loose from the roof or have fallen on the ground. All of these could be signs of potential problems. If you feel that something might be wrong, contact a roofing company to do an assessment. Rather be safe than sorry. You should have your roof assessed at least once a year.

Follow these tips and your roof problems will be few and far between. Good maintenance is your best way of preventing damage.