Roofing Services

Roof Restoration Melbourne Quotes cater for all your roofing needs. Our services span from roof installations to simple water damage repairs. With all roofing jobs, we also include the painting of all surfaces influenced. Our services cover many roofing needs. Our main services include:

Residential Roofing

We understand the importance of having the best kind of roof in every home. Your roof is what keeps the storms and other natural elements out. We make sure that all home roof installations and repairs comply with safety codes. We make sure that the damage is well repaired and will not give any trouble. It is important to feel safe and protected from the elements in your home.

Commercial Roofing

Our services also include roofing services for commercial infrastructures. Your business is your livelihood and it is important that the roof on your property is strong and will protect your business and employees. We install and repair roofs for business properties that are standard and housed in normal office buildings. We also provide services for businesses that have specific needs, for example, butchers, construction, etc.

Damage Assessment

Roofs are subject to the elements like sun, wind, rain, thunder, and sand. This damages the roof over time. If you feel your roof needs inspection or if there is already visible damage, we come out and assess the potential risk or the damage done. We explain to you what caused the problem and how it can be fixed. We also provide you with a quote.

Roof Restoration Melbourne Quotes offers any roof related services. If you are unsure whether you need roofing services, give us a call and we can determine your needs. It is safer to get a professional opinion than to leave it and possibly have a huge problem later. Your roof protects you. You need to make sure you protect it to keep your family safe.